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    Trade Mark & Patent Agency
    Aneta Balwierz-Michalska
    We have been advising since 1977
    We have been advising since 1977

Our offer

The Patent Attorney’s Office offers its services in intellectual property protection such as:

  • Advicing on how to best protect your industrial property against competition, particularly unfair competition;
  • Checking a possibility of registration of your house brand or trade marks;
  • Conceiving and filing with the Patent Office applications to get legal protection for trade marks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs, integrated circuit topographies;
  • Conducting protection procedure before the European Patent Office (EPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as well as European Union International Property Office (EUIPO);
  • Conducting the validation process of European Patents in the territory of Poland;
  • Conducting validation procedure for trade marks as per the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Agreement Protocol procedure;
  • Conducting procedure to get protection for trade marks and industrial designs before European Union International Property Office (EUIPO) thanks to which your trade marks or industrial designs will be protected in the entire European Union territory;
  • Monitoring protected trade marks to prevent provision of protection to identical or similar trade marks;
  • We will see to extension of inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks protection in due time;
  • Conducting any matters in terms of industrial property protection worldwide in cooperation with foreign patent attorneys’ offices;
  • Conducting difficult disputable issues and appeals that may originate in the course of consideration of trade mark applications, inventions and designs;
  • Conducting proceedings against any unfair competitors that would infringe your rights;
  • Checking if you would be eligible for production of any goods without infringement of somebody else’s rights;
  • Checking and investigating the legal status regarding technical solutions covered by patents and protection rights in given field, particularly in terms of getting grants from European Union funding programmes.

If your company has already obtained the exclusive rights, we propose you our assistance in franchising arrangement and legal protection. We will be happy to draw a licence agreement for you, if needed.

We advice the companies that develop and wish to invest in plant and machinery, buy a licence or modernize its production based on our long-term industrial experience.

As there is, in the majority of foreign countries (just like in Poland), a duty to represent foreign entities by a local patent attorney, we have developed broad network of offices cooperating with us based on the principle of cooperation only with reliable partners.

We make every effort to adjust our service costs to recommendations of the Polish Patent Attorneys Chamber, however, it should be remembered that each case is different and requires individual approach, therefore, in order to obtain precise information and to fix the costs and method of case handling, we invite you to come to our Office. We prefer preliminary fixing of the meeting date and time so that we may give you as much of our attention and time as it would be required by your specific case.

Items of industrial property protection

Trade mark

Can be any sign allowing for distinguishing of goods of one enterprise from goods of another enterprise, which can be presented in the trade marks register

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Considered as possessing the level of invention if such invention does not clearly originate, for an expert, from the state of the art.

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Utility model

New and useful solution of technical character pertaining to shape, design or arrangement of an object of permanent form

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Industrial design

New, and having individual character, form of a product or part thereof, attributed to it, in particular, by features of lines, contours, shapes, colouring, structure or material of this product and by its ornamentation

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