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    Aneta Balwierz-Michalska
    We have been advising since 1977
    We have been advising since 1977


Our Office was established on 3 April 1991 by Ryszard Balwierz, a patent attorney as of 1977, author of many inventions and improvement proposals. Exceptional input of Ryszard Balwierz in development of Polish inventiveness was honoured by awarding to him the “Distinguished for inventiveness and rationalisation” badge. The Office founder, who had vast experience supported with the Post-Graduation Study of Industrial Property Protection, at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Professional Specialisation and Robert Schuman University/Strasbourg Certificate as well as the licence of Court Expert in industrial property protection, transferred his Office to his daughter Aneta Balwierz-Michalska, who having completed her Post-Graduation Studies in Industrial Property Protection at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and having done her apprenticeship at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland passed with very good result in 1999 her State Examination and was awarded, therefore, the title of the Patent Attorney. In pursuit of further development Aneta Balwierz-Michalska got qualifications to appear and proceed before the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and EPO (European Patent Office).
Aneta Balwierz-Michalska has brought the Office into the XXIst century having based its operation on a professional computer network and electronic circulation of documentation.

Broad knowledge of Aneta Balwierz-Michalska is appreciated not just by our clients but also by barristers as the Regional Bar Chamber has been asking her many times to deliver lectures on Industrial Property Protection and Unfair Competition Elimination.

As it is the duty of each patent attorney to perpetually be trained in the changing judicature lines and amendments to applicable laws, Aneta Balwierz-Michalska actively participates in various training courses arranged by Polish Board of Patent Attorneys and her professional qualifications are proved by various certificates.

Aneta Balwierz-Michalska introduced her office into the XXIst century with its operation based on professional computer network and electronic circulation of documents.

Following changing trends, Patent Attorney’s Office of Aneta Balwierz-Michalska decided to modify the currently existing logotype, which from its form underlining tradition and universal values, took a form striving for modernity in Office management and propagating development of all contemporary technologies:

Our main feature is professionalism and we broadly apply the rule that “Our Client is of top priority to us”.

Items of industrial property protection

Trade mark

Can be any sign allowing for distinguishing of goods of one enterprise from goods of another enterprise, which can be presented in the trade marks register

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Considered as possessing the level of invention if such invention does not clearly originate, for an expert, from the state of the art.

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Utility model

New and useful solution of technical character pertaining to shape, design or arrangement of an object of permanent form

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Industrial design

New, and having individual character, form of a product or part thereof, attributed to it, in particular, by features of lines, contours, shapes, colouring, structure or material of this product and by its ornamentation

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